About Us

About Us

ASPAFTV is the brainchild of “Two Small Blondes – Creative Film Production” Directors Amanda Hardwick and Renata Einhaus.  Expanding now to twelve locations across South East Queensland, ASPAFTV is quickly becoming Brisbane’s most respected Performing Arts and Film Production School for young people.

Our vision is to be world-class leaders in the teaching of Performing Arts and Film Production for Young People. We aim to continuously implement the highest of standards in teaching, film technology and live theatre productions and create unprecedented student success through delivering our mantra of ‘Learning through Doing’. Our courses are designed specifically around this concept and yield amazing results at our end of semester theatre performances and film shoots!  ASPAFTV is a recognised name throughout South East Queensland, and a trusted outlet for young people to enter into the performing arts industry. This success has shaped who we are as a business and as we grow so does our commitment to our vision.

Amanda Hardwick and Renata Einhaus have known each other for over 20 years. It was during this time that they came to realise that they both shared a similar desire – to follow their talents and work within a dynamic, creative and prosperous environment which utilised both their obtained creative and business skills, and also their passion to work for themselves.

Realising the gap in the market for production companies owned and directed by women, Amanda and Renata set about their goal to become one of the most respected, unique, creative and wholistic film production companies in Australia.

Two Small Blondes” have produced corporate and training videos, television commercials and television pilots/series including:

  • Television Series for the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards in Association with Girlfriend magazine (www.apex.org.au).  This was a seven part series which aired on the Foxtel network in 2009.
  • Training Videos for Queensland Emergency Services: Road Accident Awareness Program, Fight Fire Fascination Program, Occupational Health and Safety, and Officer Training.
  • Corporate Videos for The Family Brisbane (www.thefamily.com.au), Hilton Masterclass 2010, Invisible Alert (www.invisiblealert.com) and Engineering Australia.
  • Television commercials for Stella and Marco Pty Ltd, “Get Some” Campaign.
  • Television Pilots for a children’s feature film entitled “EVA.”

Whilst Amanda has over ten years experience as a performer, and film and television production, Renata is able to utilise her capabilities as a business development manager and marketing co-ordinator in the arts and event management field/s. With their skills combined, both Directors have been able to create a thriving, prosperous and energetic film production company.

In late 2009, Amanda and Renata decided to start their own Performing Arts and Film / TV school for young people between the ages of 7 and 17.  Thus, ASPAFTV was born, and as they say the rest is history!  With courses in Creative Theatre Production, Screen Test Training, Actor Training and not to mention the infamous holiday workshops, the dream for ASPAFTV is that it everybody’s favourite place to be.