Actor Training

Actor Training


One of the most important things any aspiring or seasoned actor can do is to learn and continue to practice their craft. Most successful actors were not “discovered” walking down the street nor were they necessarily overnight successes. The truth is they trained hard to earn their place on our stages and screens. Actor training is perfect for the student who is starting out, but also for the student who is seeking to polish their skills or re-enter the acting industry. This course works with the students individual goals to help develop their skills in particular areas including:

  • Ability to interact and react
  • Ability to create character
  • Ability to work ‘in the moment’
  • Ability to shape the scene
  • Expression
  • Articulation / Diction
  • Believability
  • Verbal Dynamics
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Projection
  • Stage Presence
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Energy

Much like working out in a gym, this course is focused around providing actor training enabling the actor to develop a tool kit of skills working on a more individual basis rather than towards a group performance. Students will then be provided with the opportunity to showcase the skills they have gained in an informal environment – the end of term open class. Family and friends are invited to come along to this open class to support their young actor. Students will be given a set script and placed in a group with other actors (based on their skill level and experience) at the beginning of the course, which they will perform at the end of term open class. Students wishing to work alone or on their own material (audition or school scripts) are also permitted and encouraged to attend Actor Training.

Actor Training Extension – step out of the class room and onto the stage!

Students enrolled in any ‘Actor Training’ class at ASPA-FTV are eligible to audition for ‘Actor Training Extension.’
‘Actor Training Extension’, (ATE) has been designed to reward dedicated AT students the opportunity to perform their monologue or duologue (that they have been working on in their ‘Actor Training’ class), in front of a live audience at QPAC!

To be considered for inclusion in the ATE program, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Must attend at least 80% of the AT classes for each term.
  • Be punctual, well prepared, positive, enthusiastic and energized for every class. – Audition your script in front of our Course Director.

This is your chance to take your Actor Training classes to the next level. If you are interested in being considered for ATE, please let us know when you attend your first Actor Training class.

** A $50 performance fee will be required if the student performs at the QPAC show on Dec 12 2015