New Student Enrolment

New Student Enrolment

New Student Enrolment 2016

Student Details

Students must have turned 8 yrs BEFORE they enrol in a course with ASPA-FTV

Parent / Guardian Details


Students work with scripts so must be able to read out loud fluently and at level suitable for their age

Student Medical

Please type nil if there are no medical conditions to disclose
for example bees, dust, food
for example Asthma
for example Asperger’s or Autism Spectrum Disorder – whilst we encourage and welcome all children to attend our classes we must ensure our teachers have the ability to accommodate every child's needs. In some cases we have found that the level of autonomous work involved in our classes may not be suited to all students, we would never want a child to feel uncomfortable in class so if we don't feel the class is suitable we will discuss this with parents after their trial
for example hearing or sight impairment

Secondary Contact

In case of emergency, Secondary contact (the above guardian will be contacted first)