“Audrey has been so loving ASPAFTV. You and Renata (and the team) have created something very special. An incredible mix of high quality practical training in an environment which is so personal, warm and supportive.”

Trish Allen
Mother of Audrey

“I was blown away by the talent, skill and courage of the students. ASPAFTV produces actors of a professional standard.”

Candice Storey
Actress and ASPAFTV ActNation judge – starred in 2013 film Deception alongside Oscar Award winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

“My two daughters attended several drama schools over the last 10 years and I have spent many an hour waiting outside halls for my children to complete drama classes after school and on weekends. While my daughter attended classes with Amanda – she blossomed as a stage performer becoming increasingly confident along with developing new skills every week – whilst enjoying herself at the same time. I highly recommend Amanda as one of the best drama teachers my daughters have had the pleasure of learning with and from.”

Jo Minto
Mother of Harriet Minto-Day

“Amanda is an awesome drama teacher! Every week I look forward to my classes. Not only has she taught me about the many elements of drama and performance, she has also encouraged and supported me to grow as a performer and a person. Amanda has helped me to think more deeply about my performance and character and she also makes classes lots of fun. Thanks Amanda!”

Harriet Minto-Day
Aged 14 years

“Thank you for Saturday. Wasn’t sure what to expect when picking Bree up but she was so alive & pumped up. She had heaps to say. What a great Experience for her, she totally enjoyed the day. She just loves you… so thank you.”

Michelle and Tony Smith
Mother and father to Bree

“I have known Amanda Hardwick for a period of three years during which time I have had the pleasure of working with her in a number of capacities. She not only worked for me as a drama teacher but worked with me on a number of projects where her tireless and generous creative and personal input resulted in successful project outcomes. Amanda is a very dedicated and passionate creative artist. Her knowledge and experience in the arts have given many young Queenslanders an unparalleled dramatic education experience. When tasked with contributing to ateam of her peers to help create Australia-first initiatives in the performing arts education sector Amanda played a major leadership role imparting her knowledge with clarity, grace and enthusiasm. She is a natural leader of people. Amanda is an organised and efficient person whose communication skills, across all ages and personality types, contribute enormously to her creative ability. These qualities account entirely for her growing reputation as a fine director, producer and event manager.”

Drew Anthony
Director, Choreographer, Producer, Actor, & Presenter

“I can do what I love and learn lots of different skills. I get lots more opportunities at ASPAFTV than at other drama schools.”

Ella, Age 11

“It is something to look forward to every week and I can do what I love. I make new friends and feel comfortable showing my talents.”

Meghan, Age 11

“I get to make new friends and have a lot of fun with Amanda and Renata.”

Bianca, Age 12

“I love learning and acting with Amanda. I love to make movies with Amanda and she is fun to work with.”

Porcha, Age 10

“It’s a great experience and it opens doors.”

Harry McNeil, Age 14

“It is amazing fun and gives me the opportunity to what other drama schools won’t let you do.”

Tyra, Age 15

“Amanda is an awesome drama teacher! Every week I look forward to my classes. Not only has she taught me about the many elements of drama and performance, she has also encouraged and supported me to grow as a performer and a person. Amanda has helped me to think more deeply about my performance and character and she also makes classes lots of fun. Thanks Amanda.”

Harriet Minto-Day, 2010
Starred in recent Blockbuster ‘Daybreakers’

“My Girls Toni and Nikki Forrest now 16 and 14 have been involved in singing, acting, dance and drama since the age of 5 and they have both been dedicated students in these arts for 10 years. They have been taught in South Africa and in the UK whilst we were living overseas and during the last 5 years they have continued their tuition in Australia and they both now easily agree that Amanda has been their best drama teacher by far and the teacher from whom they have grown and developed the most. They love Amanda’s classes for their depth, diversity, originality and fun and whilst both girls have always done a lot of theatre at various other schools, they both say that Amanda has developed them and taught them the most in the years they have spent under her tuition. Both girls love the fact that there is so much more to Amanda’s lessons. They love how they have been taught to adapt and to be flexible so as to be able to perform in changing roles and various different situations. They have loved their tuition infront of the camera and how Amanda taught them to write monologues. They have always been very keen and enthusiastic pupils always looking forward to Amanda’s classes which they say have so much more depth and meaning. Toni and Nikki love Amanda as a person and not just for her professional and caring approach and they cannot speak highly enough of Amanda as a teacher and a valued mentor who always has loads of advice and ideas to willingly share.”

Laine Forrest
Mother of Toni and Nikki Forrest

“Amanda is the most professional, dedicated and inspirational teacher! If it wasn’t for her remarkably fun and inventive classes over the years, I wouldn’t be at University today studying to become a drama teacher myself…Thank-you Amanda”

Talia Rowley
Aged 18 years

“Amanda has been my teacher for almost 2 years now and in that time, I have learnt so much about the different aspects of performance. Amanda always has a joyful and positive approach to her classes which has made me more confident as a person. For me, she has turned a fun part of my week into a passion I want to pursue in the future.”

Lisa Davidson
Aged 14 years

“Amanda Hardwick is an amazing teacher, very patient and makes everything relaxed and fun. She taught me everything I know about the elements of drama. If it had not been for her I would never have had the ability or the confidence to get involved in drama courses and productions.”

Rosie Scott
Aged 15 years

“Tyra & Leon joined Two Small Blondes early this year and they have loved every moment with Amanda! They are both adored and loved by Amanda and Renata and learn so much about the performing arts. Two Small Blondes have provided Tyra and Leon with an understanding of the different kinds of aspects of the Film Industry, not just as an actor but all the stuff behind the camera as well. Thank you, Two Small Blondes. Keep up the good work ladies!”

Choy Pohlman
Mother of Tyra and Leon

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Amanda Hardwick for 18 months through her acting classes and Production Company. Our daughter Lisa is very lucky to have Amanda’s knowledge for both acting classes and production workshops. Amanda has a very professional approach to her work, and a dedication, understanding and friendliness towards her students in which she is able to get the students to achieve their full potential. Lisa enjoys and has gained so much from Amanda and her teachings that I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in doing acting classes or production workshops.”

Glenda Davidson
Mother of Lisa Davidson